Monday, November 19, 2007

On The Run

At La Palme D'or, the two Michelin-star restaurant where I now work, things work in a very particular way, namely fast and perfect. Their mentality is to push the team to its limits, all in a very hot environment.
One of my duties as the lowest ranking member in the team hierarchy is to go and look for things for other people, bringing them from the fridges to the different stations.
One day at work, I started to wonder just how far I walk in fetching all these different things in a day. So I did the calculations and found out that every day I travel 2.4 kilometers, around 12 kilometers for every week. In this profession whoever wants to success, has to run for it. Distance is just a number, the will to succeed is what really counts.

Illustration by Andres Pacheco, RGB Studios

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