Monday, December 10, 2007

Chef Christian Sinicropi

Chef Sinicropi, The Executive Chef at the Hotel Martinez and the head Chef of La Palme D'or where I now work, has an impressive way of leading the kitchen team with a good sense of humour and total concentration and control at the same time. His strong temper comes from his experience in big restaurants with big Chefs: Hotel du Palais in Biarritz with Jean-Marie Gauthier, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France; The Buerehiesel in Strasbourg with Chef Westermann, at the Louis XV in the Alain Ducasse restaurant in Monaco, ran by Franck Cerruti, and of course with the great Chef Christian Willer at La Palme d'Or. I helped my friend and co-worker Thomas Herblot, one of the chefs de partie. We made a tasting menu for Chef Sinicropi, and here he is eating the "Panier a Crab", a shape reminiscent of a crabbing basket. We used a very special type of crab that is caught whilst it is changing its shell, making it entirely edible. We covered it with a light tempura batter and served it with a crab meat pistee, a fresh herb salad with a touch of raspberry vinegar and a pretzel dough basket with a lobster bisque emulsion.

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Joan P. said...


I found your blog while researching restaurants in Provence. How is it working at La Palme d'Or? Do they take stagiaires? Ok with women? (I have had two stages at a couple Michelin restaurants in CA and in Paris). If you have time, could you send me an email? Any info is appreciated.

Merci !