Monday, November 12, 2007

The Food and the Soul - part one

In my experience, it is important to feed the soul and not only the stomach. I believe that food and emotions are directly related; hand in hand they go in the eternal search of happiness. The power of food is so amazing that we can actually control our emotions by eating well. You want to try it out? I will give you some simple recipes from now on, here is the first one:
20 minutes before breakfast every morning, mix one spoonful of pollen with a glass of pure carrot and parsley juice, then have a spoonful of a good olive oil. Try this every day for a week. The next week you can change the juice using another vegetable such as broccoli, but don't add any water to it. Get into a routine and do this every day - you will see the results in your hair, eyes, skin, and especially in your mood. It works very well in many other aspects too.

Illustration by Andres Pacheco, RGB Studios


Anonymous said...

el articulo esta bueno. Le da su balance a tu blog. La ilustracion se ve bien para el post.
Gracias por el link shunior

willy said...

Hello Rodrigo, my name is Willy and I met you just after you graduated. I am american in the first year at the IPB. I spoke with you shortly but it was very uplifting and i'd like to say that I love your passion for cuisine and everything around it. Hope everything is going well in Cannes and I wish you the best; , adios!

Anonymous said...

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