Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Big Time

Yes, finally after two long years, the dream had come true. The training may not be quite finished yet, but getting my diploma is a great start to this personal and professional challenge that will take years of effort and endurance. Step by step we achieve our goals. This has been an important milestone on the long journey to becoming a chef. I feel happy and thankful to those who believed in me, and to my family and friends who supported me and shared this special moment with me, thank you all.
Now, I start at La Palme D'or, a two michelin star restaurant, part of the Hotel Martinez in Cannes that is my new home.


Anonymous said...

Congratulaciones, esto ha sido ganado por ti,en base a esfuerzo,dedicación y amor,cumples una etapa mas de tu vida, ahora a seguir luchando por ser mejor cada día, Bendiciones.
Mechita & Robert

Anonymous said...

Felicitaciones de nuevo.

PS debes corregir el link a la pagina del hotel Martinez


Kramer said...

Merci à toi aussi vieu. On à fini enfin c'était quand même une bonne aventure.
Et envore un fois félicitation à nous.

Joaquin said...

weeena rod, felicitaciones!! y ahora que piensas estudiar??

avisa cuando te vienes para chile, mi casa en el norte va a estar lista como en abril...