Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dinner: The Express Way

You can prepare something nice without having to be in the kitchen all day; this dish was made in hardly any time, and is a great example of a quick supper. The coconut risotto is ready in a mere twenty minutes, during which time you can prepare and season the tuna fish before it's added to the frying pan for the final touch. Here, I used a light wasabi sauce to accompany the dish, which anyone can make in less than five minutes. Cooking shouldn't be stressful; on some days, you're able to take your time and enjoy it, on others it's easy to create a delicious dish in hardly any time to enjoy with your friends and family.


micha said...

nice plate chef ;)
really it is an impressive combination
we should try it to give more comments

Anonymous said...

i think your wasting your time presenting a meal like that to eat for yourself..maybe try cooking something for flavor before cooking for looks...coconut risotto?
wtf....are you indian / italian or somthing?
baby steps my steps

rodrigo said...

jajajaja, but you did look at my blog so I should thank you. "anonymous" of course. good luck chef!!!jajajaj