Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hoping For a Piece of Cake.

This article is written by my friend and co worker Mickey, as I always say, El Sarten is open for people who are interested in this beautiful world of cooking.

"A long overdue request of my good friend Rodrigo, it’s actually been months since he asked me to write an article for his blog.
It’s been two weeks, since I spent my last week in Saisons, the Institut’s restaurant which showcases the students’ skills, in the kitchen and in service.
As a 3rd year student, together with my group we created the week’s menu. Whether being in Patisserie was an obligation or otherwise, I spent the week, together with another group mate, Sofia.
The desserts that were presented in the menu were chosen by our pastry Chef, Laurent Cordonnier (formerly, the Pastry Chef of Jacques Lameloise, 3* Michelin Guide) from those that were presented by my group. Desserts featuring the fruits of the season: The “peche de vigne” and the Pear.
The “peche de vigne” was sous-vide in a spice infused syrup, then slow roasted, caramelized and served lukewarm. Inspired by the classic “coolant” of Michel Bras, we decided that a fruit could be very well served with a liquid centre, but with what? With a roasted sesame seed ice cream, to top of the dessert, a “tuile” in hazelnut “nougatine”.
A classic French dessert, the “poire belle helene” is pear, vanilla and chocolate. Our pear dessert was composed of two different flavours, three sauces and a single unifying component. We began with a cardamom, star anise, cinnamon infused syrup which together with the pear was sous-vide. A second preparation was with the same syrup, but was spiked with a red wine and oranges. A marriage of the pear and the jelly was conceived. A chocolate, salted caramel and red wine reduction was served with “pain d’epice” ice cream.
Whether, we finished the last week of our lives in Saisons with a bang or a tear. The experience of coming up with desserts the one can be proud of is reason enough to push one’s self to the limits. I’m still hoping when I can have my next piece of cake."

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