Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Private lunch for Michel

It was such a nice experience to work with people like Michel and his wife, who hired me and another student from the Institut to make them a private lunch in celebration of Michel's retirement. They invited their best friends and we all had a great time at this special occasion. I designed the menu for them, and Michel supplied us with all the herbs, fruits and vegetables we needed from his own garden. For any cook to work with fresh products is a true pleasure. To start, we prepared a melon gaspacho with Spanish ham, and Vol-au-vents with black pudding and caramelized apple, followed by marinated mi-cuit red tunafish with a Thai-style fish jus over a warm salad of garden vegetables, and a civet de lievre made by them and touched up by us. To finish, a selection of cheeses and a chocolate biscuit entremet with Grand Marnier and a red orange mousse.

Everything went very well and they enjoyed the meal, and at the end we had the privilege of sampling a glass of 1945 Burgundy with them at the table. It was certainly a magical moment; not only was it the best wine I have ever tasted, but I was touched by their generosity and appreciation of what we had made. Thank you for your hospitality!


Robert said...

Felicitaciones hijo, me gusta que tengas experiencias como estas, con gentes valiosas de todo punto de vista.Sigue adelante y muchas bendiciones.

georgette leliévre said...

Thank you very much for this day with my brother and friends. It was tasty and friendly with you. I think you will be a great. Bye

Franklin Vizcaino. said...

Hey colega, excelente vino y muy buena cocecha... Saludos desde la hermana Republica Dominicana, sigo tu blog desde hace unos dias por recomendaciones de amigos que estudiaron junto a ti en Paul Bocuse y que residen aca. Larga vida para el buen chef!!!