Thursday, April 12, 2007


In cooking and in life this means a lot, it is hard to describe such a thing but is certainly associated with sensorial pleasure. This is what we tried to express, me and my cooking team when we created our own restaurant concept in a project called avant scene, at the Institut Paul Bocuse, colors, shapes, textures, flavors and all that we could express was made during this exiting week, red pepper coulis with toasted home made bread flavored with garlic and tomatoes and a clam tempura beside a parmesan stick was our starter, as an appetizer we offered a vegetable mile feuille (eggplant caviar, with confited red, green, yellow peppers and tomatoes and a crusty black home made pasta on top, beside marinated red tuna fish half cooked with sesame oil and a beet emulsion, as a main course we offered home smoked pink trout with a sea weed ciboulet layer on top over a purple potato risotto and a ginger fennel salad, this with a coriander pistou, in the dessert we used mango, ginger tea , chocolate and orange to finish this erotic experience.

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susi said...

Cocina rica, un poco mejor que la sala en mi opinion.... kien ha ganado avant scene al fin y al cabo?